Why Passion for Pedagogy?

This is a website I have been dreaming of creating for a couple of years. It comes as a result of 3 decades of exploring the world, teaching on 3 different continents and a 2 year in depth study of social justice and education. Out of these experiences and opportunities to reflect a passion for pedagogy has grown in me that has turned it in to something of an obsession.

What is pedagogy?

Pedagogy is the art and science of teaching, rooted in an understanding of how learning occurs. In essence it is the HOW of teaching and answers the question: "How shall I do this?"

This is not a surface level question. Whilst it can include instructional technique and minuscule decisions like how to distribute the pencils it also encompasses much more profound questions such as: do the images in my lesson reflect the diversity of my students? Or: how can I make my lessons a welcoming, inclusive, respectful experience for all my students?

My pedagogy will be based, either knowingly or not, on my values and many of my pedagogical decisions as a teacher will flow out of them. My values provide a kind of lens through which I view and filter my decisions. They act as a core to anchor and root my classroom practice. Taking some time to realise and reflect on our core values enables us to be more conscious of allowing them to shape our work in the classroom. We will look into this in more depth in subsequent blogs.

What will you find on this website?

On this website you will find blogs to refresh and inspire your thinking for classroom practice. You will find a particular focus on critical pedagogy. This is a pedagogy that views teaching through the lens of social justice. The next blog will explain more about this.

At the end of each blog I will include some reflection questions and further reading references to provide prompts for further thinking and reading of your own. I will write in a way which engages thought but that I hope is not too overwhelming in volume or academic jargon. I will share stories and experiences of my own and invite you to read the blogs holding it alongside your own experiences so that theory and practice can work together. You might find it helpful to journal some of your thoughts and ideas as you go. From time to time, I will also include some tools for reflective practice.

So, let's begin the journey...

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